falling chandeliers 💔💔🤧☠

..she was everthing and nothing else more or less but his true words of ❤ in to keep forever,she gave perfection its true meaning and made the flower blossoms whenever she gazes but he seeks everything she was and thoughtless of every meaning her existence counts for ,leaving rainy days to come and watch wether away ,when in agnony..


Its excruciating am exists

in this cosmos ,lay time

and place I search my lonely thoughts

To wether warmth beside serene.

who I never love less ❤❤

Lost BOYS 👀👀

SO they search and put through everything they knew to nothing ,most especially searching for lost sleeves up around themselves

So the winter ,everything the summer bestowed their grasp and journey as they make trough the search of non existence to perfection.

Stormy days they embraced nothing but soberness and anguish to feel thier partners fill and made cannibals of themselves to sway perfection they made peace with

even while we sacrificed more of nothing to everything to embrace this compassion into complete existence ,would my heart fill its content of revival of you.

*Don’t utter my face ,I can’t feel special.
None ,theze bleeding scare the pains away.
*It does take my heart away and leave it to survive like an empty shell ,wishing to hold reign like a king ,moretime .
*since my heart ICECOLD ,will you appreciate every drip as I melt to your heat you embrace.
Or life waterfall to keep my soar passing trough spring with each guilt I bend to offer.

*If corruptions not filling my grace ,
Jewels wouldn't cost my life.

*you make a precious out of faith or only when your extraterrestrial.

*I make too far ahead till am sober and met the ones started not my way.

*got lost and destroyed better age to undermine experiences difficult to sweet nothing.

*what's your travel exceeding money and overwhelmed by the thoughts your not right to being with the ones love...undefined

*would you travels miles even while we kept dreams as a child ,if this choice was ours ?

Fallen towers of fortune 👻

*saddened heart will you live to reign again my kind ,saddened heart you have everything but have lost nothing but true love you grow under your grassroot..whenenevr am with you ,you keep the smile but less knowing you heart a star of non existence to far away every hour 😒

breathless under 👻*in drowns *

his breath he took away and his smile he kissed me for a moretime with an astonishing look filling m doubts with answers i see you everyday but then i remember its an hour to a min before a sec and we make dawn to new paths..

Little lamb🥲👀🙈

*little lamb will you always watch me smile,whenever your down how do i care when its love i know and my hearts content is fulfilled to you buh need less to your sad soul?

*little lamb will you cover me around your arms when its cold and stormy? i walk a million times over and before to gladden your touch know No sorrow but hold the pains storing deep in my heart too heavy to fill my hurt content.

peace and love extinction👻☠

I will search and find my happiness comforting my worth to righteous paths I follow ,but am I dark to these blindfolds the dark perished.
i don’t understand your means to fulfilling worths to every perfection bt I condole these pictures like my shatters built in pieces scavenging every bit of remains my feel can’t fill or evenly deciding it’s remembrance to courage memories.
if I don’t shatter someday ,am too happy feeling this heavy weight on my chest✊😭 ,that I drop , leave and seek joy that are built for perfections.

Walls of afflicted silence 🤧🤦‍♀️

🤧🤧then don’t make me a memory ,as if I become a realisation when these floods and storms break me apart.😪
😅walls of comforting shield , those wounds you hide after the writing, make a word..I plead my guilt don’t sneak the scars else I fall again wishing shelter.😒😒
😋ends of eternity ,makes we so loved and define your embraces around my arms,even when am not existed to enkindle these evenly hurt to star your beauty shielding around me.
everytime I make them scare away ,
it seems am a child learning how to ❤ and exhausts every shake of this joy confided in me shattering to each peice I falling again in
these perfections bless your worth and feel thier hearts up aging they glimpse every picture of redemption.


lover of nature,my life is my poetry ,poetry is my life ❤

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